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Wisconsin swamp monster

The monster is called Pepie, after Lake Pepin, which forms the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, where it is said to live.

wisconsin swamp monster

Lewis, a Wisconsin native, is the author of 17 other books about the weird and unexplained and said he became interested in Pepie while researching other lakes and streams in his home state. Businessman Larry Nielson offered the reward for conclusive proof of Pepie's existence in as a ploy to garner tourism to the Lake City area, according to Lewis.

The reward is still on the table. Though the main focus of his book is Lake Pepin sightings of Pepie, Lewis said his research took him along the Mississippi as well. Inamong a slew of other Pepie sightings, the Anita Tribune reported one near Muscatine. The report is brief, reading only: "Another river monster has been seen in the Mississippi river, near Muscatine, by two fisherman.

This is certainly a case of snakes in its worst form.

wisconsin swamp monster

Lewis's book delves into some theories of what Pepie is; is it a hoax, a misidentification of waves, just submerged logs or something else? Lewis and his co-author Noah Voss chronicled their expeditions on the Mississippi in search of Pepie — where they used underwater cameras, sonar, fishing equipment and other techniques, even using themselves as bait — in the book, too.

Lewis's book explores the historical accounts of Pepie as well as more modern accounts, some as recent as Since the book's release in June, Lewis said he's been hearing about even more sightings than the ones his research dug up and that's he's anticipating hearing more. Lewis believes this book is just the start for his research into Pepie.

With further research into even more newspapers and other sources combined with the feedback from readers, he expressed confidence in having enough information for another book in the future.

But until then, Lewis said, "We leave it up to the reader to make up their own mind on whether or not the creature is real. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Muscatine, Iowa — The U. Categories :.Its head resembles that of a hyena and it has cloven hooves, a horse-like mane, and a tail that resembles that of a lion.

Its fur ranges in color from orangish-yellow to brownish-black and can include spots or stripes resembling a hyena or tiger. It sometimes is depicted without teeth, but bones used to crush its prey.

They often make their lairs in caves or abandoned buildings. Crocotta appear to have animal-level intelligence, and their mimicry seem to be similar to that of a parrot.


While crocotta will and do eat humans, they seem equally satisfied with other forms of meat and do not go to unusual lengths to find human prey. When crossed with this race of animals the Ethiopian lioness gives birth to the corocotta, that mimics the voices of men and cattle in a similar way. It has a unbroken ridge of bone in each jaw, forming a continuous tooth without any gum.

It is said to imitate the human voice, to call men by name at night, and to devour those who approach it. It is as brave as a lion, as swift as a horse, and as strong as a bull. It cannot be overcome by any weapon of steel.

Crocotta are mentioned in the works of Strabo, Pliny, and other ancient scholars, where they are typically reported as originating in Ethiopia. The creature also appears in a number of medieval bestiaries. Most crocotta sightings in the U. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. New Cryptid Videos for you to explore at home!

Contents [ show ]. List of Cryptids. Categories :. Artist's Rendering of Crocotta.Forest management Topics: fire, health, landowners. Lands and outdoor activities Topics: activities, parks, property management. Water resources Topics: drinking water, watershed, fisheries. We seek employees with a strong customer service philosophy and an attitude of helpfulness. Bibon Swamp, the largest wetland in Bayfield County, occupies the basin of an extinct glacial lake drained by the White River, a hard, cold water trout stream.

The community types of this square mile lowland are unusually varied for such a topographically uniform basin. Portions are forested with a rich wet-mesic conifer swamp of medium-sized white cedar, although trunk coring revealed that at least parts of the stand are in excess of years old.

Bunchberry, twinflower, small bishop's-cap and a number of orchid species are representative of the groundlayer here. Resident birds include Nashville, parula, and Canada warblers, and winter wren. Bordering the cedar swamp is wet forest dominated by black ash, with a groundlayer of speckled alder, sensitive fern, wood nettle and poison ivy.

wisconsin swamp monster

Black and white warbler, veery, and red-eyed vireo are common nesting birds. North of the river conditions are very different, with a large complex of peatland communities including open bog, spruce-tamarack muskeg, and black spruce swamp.

Deep sphagnum hummocks form a continuous ground cover upon which ericaceous shrubs grow including leather-leaf, bog laurel, and Labrador-tea. Birds found in these coniferous peatlands include palm warbler, yellow-bellied flycatcher, boreal chickadee, and sharp-shinned hawk. Vast shrub swamps composed of slender willow, red-osier dogwood, and speckled alder, blanket portions of the wetland. Other communities of lesser areal extent include northern sedge meadow composed of Carex species and blue-joint grass, and patches of riparian woodlands, dominated by American elm, green ash, and red maple, along the White River.

Several places afford access to the site. From U. Alternatively, go east from Grandview on 63 about 1 mile to Matt's Lane, then north about 0. The parking area in the southwest portion of the property is found by travelling north of Hwy 63 on N.

Sweden Road for about 1. Another parking area is located in the northwest portion of the property, approximately. The natural area is best seen by canoe. Canoe access via the White River is provided at the junction of Sutherland Road Mason Delta Road, about 5 miles west of Mason; a canoe take out and parking area is located about.

The DNR's state natural areas program is comprised of lands owned by the state, private conservation organizations, municipalities, other governmental agencies, educational institutions and private individuals.

While the majority of SNAs are open to the public, access may vary according to individual ownership policies. Public use restrictions may apply due to public safety, or to protect endangered or threatened species or unique natural features. Lands may be temporarily closed due to specific management activities. Users are encouraged to contact the landowner for more specific details.

The data shown on these maps have been obtained from various sources, and are of varying age, reliability, and resolution. The data may contain errors or omissions and should not be interpreted as a legal representation of legal ownership boundaries.

Very few State Natural Areas have public facilities, but nearly all are open for a variety of recreational activities as indicated below. Generally, there are no picnic areas, restrooms, or other developments.

Parking lots or designated parking areas are noted on individual SNA pages and maps. Trails, if present, are typically undesignated footpaths. The good majority of SNAs are isolated and have few or no facilities.I've followed your blog, and it's great that it shows a real local level to politics I live in Fond du Lac, and it seems like Janesville politics works much as it does here.

We both suffer from a form of government that is unresponsive to the public at large. FdL has a city manager arrangement, with no territory-based alders, just "at-large" city council rubber stampers. Our city manager is employed on condition that he belongs to the Rotary Club, and the council people are made to graduate the "Leadership Institute," created by our Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Ryan holds in my heart an especially bad place, as his mother's was a Hutter, from FdL, and my father was a competitor in construction. My dad was also Republican, but had to compete with crooked "townies," and Hutter's business eventually went down envelopes were envolved. Paul Ryan, who now lives in the house once owned by one of Janesville's biggest employers, is a servant to the swamp. I really liked the "Park Avenue" program, as it exposed Ryan as being among the top Koch-funding bribe recipients.

I can't blame some because the local establishment tend to punish and isolate those who don't conform to their master plan and it gets hard to maintain friendships as political and economic loyalties become strained. I've also noticed the similarities before between FDL and Janesville. They are almost like sister cities. Thanks for sharing! Post a Comment. Today is. June 06, PM. Newer Post Older Post Home.What comes to mind when you think of a swamp? Perhaps there are even a few decrepit shacks and long abandoned, overturned and broken boats rising menacingly just above the surface in this mental image you currently have going on.

This location you are envisioning is also probably located somewhere down south where the air is consistently humid and the mosquitoes are swarming. Along with this classic image that we typically all see, there is often times another stereotype associated with swamps, and I can guarantee you already know where I am going with this.

These denizens of dark water have long been associated with swamps with stories and legends of their dangerous nature going all the way back to when people first started putting pens to paper. And if I were to ask what kind of image pops into your head when we bring up a swamp monster, I bet a majority of you are seeing a large hulking figure either covered in hair or scales trudging steadily through the disgusting water and making its way towards the swamp edge to loom creepily over those close by.

Now, if I were to ask you the same question, but add in Wisconsin as the location of this swamp, what sort of image would appear in your head? Did the creature stay the same as before, or did it change because the location changed? By chance did your mind go wild with possibilities when trying to visualize this thing? Any answer is perfectly acceptable, but if you leaned more towards the third answer, well then, you would fit in just fine with all those who have caught a glimpse of what is known as the Kidrick Swamp Whatsit.

It is our personal belief that the more information you have before hearing about a monster, the richer and more intriguing the follow-up story becomes. Remember, the more information you have now means you will sound just that much cooler when you share this story later on at an upcoming social gathering or large scale event!

Because as far as we know, nothing makes people want to move closer to you more than by showing up at an event and talking about monsters without even being prompted to do so. So stick around, your future social circle may depend on it! Anyway, we are beginning to ramble and the last few sentences up above were beginning to hit too close to home. So, to get back on track, who here wants to learn about Kidrick Swamp? So, as we sort of mentioned above in a sort of roundabout way, Kidrick Swamp is located in Wisconsin, but to be specific it is found within Taylor County.

The swamp, which is officially known as Kidrick Swamp State Natural Area, is recorded as being 4, acres or 6. This national forest is spread out over the northern part of Wisconsin and covers more than 1. Okay, now that we have the general location out of the way, lets quickly talk about what specific type of swamp Kidrick is. As you more than likely know, depending on where you are from, the term swamp can mean many different things.

Swamp Manor Haunted House

What may be a swamp to Group A might come across more like a bog to Group B, and that bog might register as more of a marsh to Group C. But whereas every day people can interchange the terms as they please, science does have set guidelines on what registers as what. These categories were created to help classify areas based on the vegetation found within the set border, the type of soil collected there, and the amount of water which covers the area. We at one point were debating on whether or not we should break each category down for further clarification, but this is supposed to be some relatively quick information so we will leave it to you to dive into each of these categories if you wish.

Alright, we are almost done, just a little bit more swamp information before we get to the monster info. In the middle of the swamp, there are fairly large bogs which cover the ground and smaller trees, woody shrubs, and dogwood shrubs which are sprinkled throughout the area.

Around the perimeter, these bogs begin to creep into and mingle with areas of raised ground and much larger trees such as sugar maple, basswood, white ash, black ash, and red oak.

Pepie Monster

So basically, in the most simple of terms, you have a somewhat flooded area with smaller greenery in the middle that grows larger as the area dries out when moving away from the center. Swamp talk now done! For those of you who made it through the swamp talk, I thank you for humoring me and taking the time to read it. For those of you who jumped ahead to get to the monster talk, your wait is over, it is about to begin.

But, there is still a possibility that the Whatsit may travel between the two classifications, and we will explain why in a minute. As many who read the articles written here at the PBI know, it goes without saying that Wisconsin residents have a long and storied history of seeing strange creatures within the many wetland areas of the state.

And to tell you the truth, that happens a lot in this field. Did you or someone in your city spot some weird hairy thing in the woods? It may have just been wrongly categorized and nobody every addressed the error.

Devil's Lake Monster

Forest Service Employee referred to it by a name he made up but also states that others were more than likely calling it something different each time.A swamp monster also variously called a swamp creatureswamp manswamp thingor muck monster [1] is a fictional creature found imagined to lurk in a swamp.

Legends of swamp creatures, passed on from generation to generation, are usually bound to a specific swamp. Below is a list of the known swamp monsters in folklore and different media appearances. From the s to the present many swamp monsters have been used in comics, an early example being Hillman Publications' the Heap.

Afterwards, both DC Comics and Marvel created similar characters:. The debuts of the two characters were so close that it is impossible to say which came first. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

wisconsin swamp monster

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February Bourne's Antiquitates Vulgares New York: Jeremy P. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland. February 19, Stock characters. Byronic hero Man alone Tragic hero. Gentleman detective Jack Trickster. Harlequin Zanni. Bad boy Gentleman thief Pirate Air pirate Space pirate.Add to My Favorites. This is the 8th year of Swamp Manor's Haunted House. It is housed in an enclosed building that is completely done in various mazes and rooms.

Each room has a theme and throughout there are monsters and props to help you move through the dark hallways. We encourage families and groups to come through but it may not be appropriate for small children please see matinee times with friendly monsters. This is held as a fundraiser for the Elroy Fair and is organized by the board with the help of exhibitors and junior board members.

The children's matinee is an afternoon with friendlier monsters and more lighting to encourage small kids and parents to come through and experience this community event. Schultz Park Elroy Fairgrounds S. Main Street Elroy WI Vote for Swamp Manor Haunted House. Haunted Attraction Haunted House. Get Directions on Google maps.

Spooky, Kooky, Halloween Fun. Submit Event My Account. Toggle navigation. Haunted Wisconsin. NOTE: This is a listing. All information listed pertains to only and does not apply to Children's Matinee The children's matinee is an afternoon with friendlier monsters and more lighting to encourage small kids and parents to come through and experience this community event. Recommended For Tweens - Ages 10 and older.

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